Wonderful experience all around. My dog is a livestock guardian dog, and they aren't meant to be friendly with strangers or new situations. Our groomer did amazing with him and I'm very grateful.He looks absolutely stunning now! I won't go anywhere else!

Madeline S.

Incredibly accommodating, helpful, patient, experienced and professional. I love that their shop is so clean. I have a cockatiel and a budgie whose nails need clipping. The two pets are incredibly hard to catch, but when I do catch them? Sandy (the owner) always fits me in, even if she has a heavily-booked day. So appreciated.

Eileen T.

Sandy and her crew are awesome! Highly recommend them. I have two poodles and they do a great job!

Nicole G.

I have a rambunctious and easily excitable two-year-old German Shepherd. They did a great job trimming his nails.

John D.

Sandy has been taking care of my fur baby for years. My dog has a bleeding issue so I started having him groomed by sandy when she worked at my vets office just incase. She has always taken amazing care of him! I even started taking my bird to her and she does wonders for his nails! Highly recommend paws grooming. Sandy and her team treat your fur babies like their own.

Caitlyn S.

I called for a nail trimming and they got me in the very next day. It took them about 10 mins to do both of my German Sheppards. I did use this business before to groom my dogs and they did a great job at that as well. They are friendly and gentle with my dogs.

Lidia B.

I have a temperamental Pitbull-mastiff mix who HATES getting his claws trimmed. This crew handled it calmly and got the job done. I'm very grateful for their expertise and ability.

Richard M.

Sandy does all my cavaliers perfectly, couldn’t ask for better because she is the best!

Mary H.